Real Madrid-Benfica highlights

Watch the goals from Nyon as SL Benfica overcame Real Madrid CF in the first UEFA Youth League semi-final at Stade Colovray.


  • Bayern - Paris 3-1

    Bayern - Paris 3-1

    Watch the goals that saw Bayern claim the win they needed for UEFA Youth League qualification.
  • Sevilla - Liverpool 0-4

    Sevilla - Liverpool 0-4

    Watch all of the goals as Liverpool won to clinch their place as Group E winners.
  • Dortmund - Tottenham 1-3

    Dortmund - Tottenham 1-3

    Watch all the action as Tottenham moved to the top of Group H.
  • El Salzburgo da un paso más en el reto de habilidad

    El Salzburgo da un paso más en el reto de habilidad

    Watch what happened when Salzburg’s UEFA Youth League players took their skills into the streets of the picturesque Austrian city.
  • Tottenham - Real Madrid 3-2

    Tottenham - Real Madrid 3-2

    Watch the best of the action from a thrilling UEFA Youth League group stage encounter.
  • Nápoles - Manchester City 3-5

    Nápoles - Manchester City 3-5

    Watch all of the goals as Manchester City got the better of Napoli in the UEFA Youth League group stage.