Michael van Praag

Michael van Praag
Michael van Praag ©UEFA

Nationality: Dutch
Date of birth: 28 September 1947
Executive Committee member since: 2009

Current UEFA roles
UEFA Executive Committee (member)
Stadium and Security Committee (chairman)
Club Competitions Committee (deputy chairman)
Club Licensing Committee (deputy chairman)

• Michael van Praag's father Jaap was AFC Ajax president from 1964 to 1978, during which time the club won three successive European Champion Clubs' Cups. He followed in his father's footsteps, serving as club president from 1989 to 2003, with Ajax winning a UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League under his leadership.

• An amateur player and referee, Van Praag is also a keen musician – perhaps no surprise given that his uncle Max was a famous singer in the Netherlands – playing drums, piano, vibraphone and tuba, and playing in the Dutch national team's Teletoeters band. In addition, he set up a chain of tax-free audiovisual concessions at airports.

• Succeeding the late Mathieu Sprengers as Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) president in 2008, the married father of one said of his time at Ajax: "I am proud of winning the Champions League in 1995. My most beautiful moment was flying over Amsterdam with the team and the pilot doing a special manoeuvre to salute the crowd in red-and-white on the ground." He was re-elected as KNVB president for a third three-year term in November 2016.

Previous UEFA roles
Club Competitions Committee (chairman) 2009-2015
HatTrick Committee (deputy chairman) 2011-2015
Stadium and Security Committee (chairman) 2004-2007, (first vice-chairman) 2007-2009, (deputy chairman) 2009-2011
Ticketing working group (member) 2002-2006
Club Competitions Committee (member) 2000-2002
Task Force European Club Football (member) 1998-2000
Club Advisory Board (vice-chairman) 1998-2000