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EURO 2020: solicitud para licencias de proyección pública (en inglés)

A menos de un mes para el inicio de la UEFA EURO 2020, la UEFA está ya recibiendo las solicitudes para obtener licencias para proyecciones públicas del torneo de este verano.

Public Screening UEFA EURO 2020

With a little less than a month to go to the start of UEFA EURO 2020, UEFA is now taking applications for public screening licences for the upcoming tournament. Considering the on-going and constantly evolving Covid-19 situation, the original public screening licensing programme was suspended in the spring of 2020. Now a downscaled version of the programme has been opened to allow for organisers of small-scale events to apply for a licence at no cost. Licences for large scale (commercial) events will not be granted.

Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that a public screening is organised in line with the applicable local regulations. UEFA’s approach is aimed at facilitating local communities to enjoy following UEFA EURO 2020 together but only where this is allowed by the local situation. If you want to apply for a licence, please find the relevant information and link to the online application portal below.

Who can apply for a licence?

As indicated, UEFA’s aim is to facilitate local initiatives where this is allowed by the Covid-19 situation and applicable regulations. This means that anyone wishing to organise a small-scale event for the local community (for example, a local authority or football club) and that has the relevant local authorisations to do so can request a licence from UEFA. You cannot, however, request a licence:

  • on behalf of a competitor of one of the UEFA EURO 2020 sponsors or official UEFA EURO 2020 broadcast partners;
  • if you intend to organise a large commercial event; or
  • for multiple locations (with the exception of city authorities).

What is a small-scale event?

A small-scale event is an event that has a clear local character and is limited in spectator capacity. There is no definite limit in spectator capacity as this also depends on the location of the event and the local regulations. You will be asked to specify the maximum spectator capacity at the event location when making an application. UEFA evaluates and decides, at its sole discretion, whether the proposed event is in line with the spirit of the licensing programme.

Can I have any commercial activities at the event?

Given the nature of the licensing programme and considering that UEFA will not charge licence fees for its licences, the thought behind this approach is for public screening events not to have a distinct commercial character. Clearly, UEFA understands that organising an event requires certain costs to be incurred by the organiser and that it may be necessary for them to be able to generate some revenues to make it worthwhile. Therefore, UEFA’s licences will, on a case by case basis, allow for the following revenue generating activities:

  • the sale of food and beverages;
  • the charging of admission fees; and
  • sponsoring by local third parties in cases where the involvement/identity of such local third party is not in conflict with UEFA’s commercial programme for UEFA EURO 2020.

When applying for a licence from UEFA, you will be asked to indicate whether any of these revenue generating activities is foreseen to take place at the proposed event. Where applicable, you will also be asked to provide further details (for example, the identity of local sponsors and the market segment in which they operate). UEFA will evaluate and decide, at its sole discretion, whether the proposed commercial activation is in line with the spirit of the licensing programme. Please note that all relevant information needs to be provided at the application stage and that it will not be possible to change your application once the request has been made.

Do I always need to apply for a licence?

No, the following public screening events/locations are exempt from applying for a licence from UEFA:

Bars and restaurants

Commercial establishments such as bars and restaurants that already have all the locally relevant authorisations and licences to show televised content on screens at their premises in their ordinary course of their business do not need to apply for a separate public screening licence from UEFA provided that there is no deviation from their normal way of operating which is directly connected to the screening of UEFA EURO 2020 matches and there is no conflict with UEFA’s commercial programme for UEFA EURO 2020.

Events with less than 300 spectator capacity and only F&B sales

If you are organising an event where the maximum spectator capacity is below 300 and there is no commercial activity other than F&B sales (or none at all), you are exempt from applying for a licence from UEFA, provided you have all the necessary local authorisations and licences.

Is the UEFA licensing programme applicable globally?

No, in certain countries public screening licences are issued directly by, or on behalf of, the official UEFA EURO 2020 broadcast partner for that territory. In such cases, the terms and conditions of the issuing entity apply. These may differ from UEFA’s terms and conditions and may include the charging of licence fees and allow for larger types of events. Organisers will be advised during the application process whether a licence would be issued directly by UEFA or if they need to contact the local issuing entity.

Why is the public screening licensing approach for UEFA EURO 2020 different than what was communicated before?

UEFA aims to facilitate the sharing of the excitement that a tournament such as UEFA EURO 2020 brings to football fans and local communities in countries where the local authorities have decided this is possible. The previously announced and suspended programme (which was in line with the approach for UEFA EURO 2016) had a clearly different character and did not consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Please make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions applicable to UEFA’s public screening licences. Furthermore, please make sure you inform yourself of the rules and regulations applicable in your country before applying for a licence from UEFA.

Who can I contact in case of questions?

The application process is administered by UEFA’s appoint appointed sales agent CAA Eleven, who can be contacted via email at publicscreeningEURO2020@CAA11.com. Questions on the local rules and regulations cannot be answered by UEFA and/or CAA Eleven. For any such question, please reach out to the competent local authorities.

Where and how can I apply?

All applications need to be made via the online application portal. Once submitted, your request will be evaluated on behalf of UEFA by CAA Eleven. Please note that UEFA reserves the right to approve and/or reject requests at its sole discretion.

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